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SF Range

SF Range
Series SFK

Motor protection circuit breakers

• For thermal and magnetic protection of AC and DC motors
• Conformity to standards IEC 947-2, IEC 947-4-1 and VDE 0660
• Manual push-button operation
• Setting ranges from 0.1 to 25A at 690V AC and 220V DC
• Short-circuit capacity of 65kA up to setting range of 1.6-2.5A/400V
• Trip class 10
• Instant magnetic tripping (12 times the maximum operating current Ie)
• Single phase protection
• Ambient temperature compensation between - 5° C and + 40° C
• Internal and external accessories easy to mount
• Quick fi xing on DIN rail EN 50022-35 and, with two screws,
on plate or wall
• Terminals protected against accidental contacts (IP20)

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