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Parmley Graham Ltd

About us

About us




The UK's No.1 independent
Automation and Control Distributor




Our service has always been about far more than just the parts we supply.

From the day we were founded in 1903, we have prided ourselves on adding real value to our customers' process.
Today, this means helping business quickly identify and install their ideal automation solutions, which goes far beyond distribution.



We know business success is based on productivity, efficiency and performance.

That’s why we combine our unrivalled stock and logistics with unbeatable service and expertise across all of our nationwide branches.



We work in partnership with organisations across a wide spectrum of industries.

Our experienced engineering team regularly deliver innovative solutions, training and support that is tailored to the diverse needs of our varied customer base.



We are committed to being far more than just another distributor.

This approach ensures we provide creative solutions, reliable results and a technical excellence which our competitors simply cannot match. So, if you need a part or a partner, contact us today.


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