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SITOP power supplies

24 Volt non-stop for industry

SITOP – The heart of automation® – for 24 V and other output voltages is well known throughout the world for its extreme reliability. With its versatile DC UPS and add-on modules, it easily handles even the most critical network conditions on the mains and DC side. Integration in Totally Communication-capable devices increase protection, thanks to comprehensive diagnostics and functions.

Key benefits and features

Bring production to life with a SITOP power supply system.

Regardless of the industry or the requirement, efficient and reliable power supply is the basic requirement for operating any plant. There are good reasons for using the extensively proven SITOP devices, DC uninterruptible power supply solutions, and add-on modules.

High efficiency

  • TIA Selection Tool makes it easy to choose a device
  • Design data for all CAE systems
  • Space-saving, heat-optimized design
  • High efficiency, low energy consumption
  • SITOP PSU8600 data acquisition for energy management

Easy integration

  • SITOP PSU8600 and UPS1600 are fully integrated in TIA and the TIA Portal
  • Easy, fast engineering
  • Optimized monitoring and diagnosis
  • 24 V supply concepts integrated into SIMATIC PCS7 thanks to SITOP library

High reliability

  • Flexible wide-range input, outstanding load behavior, and all relevant certifications
  • Protected against power failures with the aid of DC uninterruptible power supplies
  • Protected against overload and short-circuits in the control circuit thanks to add-on modules
  • Redundant power supply possible





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Switched Mode Power Supplies

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With Effective Motion Control, machine builders can easily overcome major challenges and enable faster time-to-market, increased functionality, resolve complex system requirements, and demands for safety and sustainability. 

We are Siemens trusted and approved distribution partner.

As a Value Added Reseller in Siemens’ Approved Partner network, Parmley Graham is a proven supplier of a wide range of quality products in the UK and globally. 

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