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Automatic door controls

Automatic door controls

SIDOOR Automatic door controls - System overview

Inspiringly simple door management

SIDOOR door controls are characterized by the fact that the open and closed door positions are always two defined states. The door is continuously controlled between these positions according to the guidelines of the application in question.
“One-button operation” starts a defined learn run, during which the system automatically determines the door width and dynamic door weight. The optimum door drive characteristics are automatically calculated and continuously maintained.

In practice, SIDOOR automatic door control systems have proven themselves many times in mobility, elevator and industrial applications.

Multiple functions in the smallest of spaces

  • SIDOOR always controls the door according to the guidelines for the particular application
  • SIDOOR automatically detects all the relevant door characteristics
  • SIDOOR automatically calculates the optimum drive characteristics for the door
  • The SIDOOR product family is reliableand rugged and delivers long-term  precision
  • SIDOOR can operate door weights of up to 600 kg (depending on the application)
  • A wide range of communication interfaces, including relay module, USB, CAN, RS485, PROFIBUS and PROFINET, enables connections to a whole host of different systems (depending on the application).
  • Simple integration even into existing safety-related system concepts such as EMERGENCY OFF (depending on the application), especially for retrofit solutions.
  • The SIDOOR Software Kit enables the performance of detailed diagnostics and parameter configuration directly on site.

The SIDOOR product range

SIDOOR door control systems have been developed and optimized for three different application areas and are  certified according to the application specific requirements.

SIDOOR for elevator doors
SIDOOR door controls for elevator doors can be obtained in combination with for different motors for maximum door weights from 120 to 600 kg, for horizontal doors as well as vertical shutters, for stand-alone operation as well as equipped with communication interfaces and also for EC direct drives for door weights up to 280 kg.

SIDOOR for industrial applications
SIDOOR door controls for industrial applications have been developed especially for operating machine tool doors. According to the integration of the machines into industrial communication networks the controls offer a wide range of communication options including Safety Integrated functionality.



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