Information on SIMATIC ET 200S

Introduced in 2012, the successor system of the tried and tested SIMATIC ET 200S, the SIMATIC ET 200SP, brings a number of advantages.

For this reason, we recommend the use of the successor system SIMATIC ET 200SP for new automation concepts.

In addition to the well-known good system properties of the SIMATIC ET 200S such as

  • Finely modular design for adaptation to the automation task in hand
  • Permanent wiring (replacement of the I/O modules without affecting the wiring, even during operation)
  • Connection to PROFINET and PROFIBUS

SIMATIC ET 200SP offers further innovative system advantages compared to SIMATIC ET 200S:

  • Up to 50 % reduced space requirements in the control cabinet, with unchanged cross-section area
  • No tools needed for one-handed wiring thanks to push-in terminals
  • Reduced part variance with increased scope of functions
  • System-integrated self-assembling load group formation without power modules
  • As many as 16 channels per module and 1024 channels per station
  • Flexible PROFINET connection via BusAdapter (RJ45, FastConnect, plastic or glass fiber-optic cables), also as integrated media converter
  • System-integrated shield connection
  • Short response times and isochronous mode for motion applications
  • High-speed data acquisition (digital from 1 µs, analog from 50 µs) and transmission (up to 100 Mbps):
    for digital signals with time-based I/O for precisely timed controlling independent of bus cycles;
    for analog and digital signal oversampling, n-fold acquisition or output of signals within a PN cycle.
  • Measurement of machine consumption, e.g. current, using an integrated energy meter (up to 480 V)
  • Comprehensive diagnostics function (wire break and short-circuit) integrated by default even in Standard-class modules
  • System-integrated fail-safe modules (PROFIsafe) with simplified switchless address setting
  • Enhanced configuration control for easy option handling
  • Operation with gaps
  • Multi hot swapping
  • Larger module range (AS-i, AS-i Safety, additional CPU versions, Open Controller, etc.)
  • MSI/MSO: Simultaneous access to input and output data from up to 4 controllers
  • Adaptation of measuring range: Increased resolution by adapting the measuring range to a limited section of a measuring range supported by the analog input module
  • Station expansion through system-integrated IP67 components (ET 200AL)
  • Block I/O to IP20 degree of protection with 32 channels, comprising terminal block and electronic block
  • Discretely modular expansion to maximum of 128 channels or 12 modules
  • The complete ET 200S module spectrum can be used (with the exception of PROFIsafe modules)
  • Separation of terminal connections and electronics with permanent wiring
  • Screw-type and spring-loaded terminal connections
  • Standard terminal block with 2-wire connection system; 3-wire and 4-wire systems available using additional terminals
  • Mounting on standard rail
  • Hot swapping of expansion modules
  • Communication via PROFIBUS
  • Up to 100 bytes inputs and outputs (address space)

Technical specifications

General technical specifications
Degree of protection IP20
Ambient temperature 0 to 60 °C
Vibration resistance g continuously,
g periodically
(motor starter max. 2 g)
Maximum configuration (none of the limits listed below must be exceeded)
Number of modules per IM 151, max. IM151-1 BASIC: Up to 12 modulesIM151-1 COMPACT: Up to 12 modulesIM151-1 STANDARD: Up to 63 modulesIM151-1 HIGH FEATURE: Up to 63 modulesIM151-7 CPU: Up to 63 modulesIM151-3 PN: Up to 63 modules
Line width, max. IM151-1 BASIC: Up to 2 mIM151-1 COMPACT: Up to 2 mIM151-1 STANDARD: Up to 2 mIM151-1 HIGH FEATURE: Up to 2 mIM151-7 CPU: Up to 1 mIM151-3 PN: Up to 2 m
User data length Depending on the number and type of connected modulesIM151-1 BASIC: Up to 88 bytes for inputs and outputsIM151-1 COMPACT: Up to 100 bytes for inputs and outputsIM151-1 STANDARD: Up to 244 bytes for inputs and outputsIM151-1 HIGH FEATURE: Up to 244 bytes for inputs and outputsIM151-7 CPU: Not relevantIM151-3 PN: 256 bytes
Parameter length Depending on the number and type of connected modulesIM151-1 BASIC: 198 bytesIM151-1 COMPACT: 218 bytesIM151-1 STANDARD: Up to 244 bytesIM151-1 HIGH FEATURE: Up to 244 bytesIM151-7 CPU: Not relevantIM151-3 PN: Not relevant
Requirements of the DP master system
PROFIBUS DP master In accordance with EN 50170
Parameter length >32 bytes, depending on the number and type of connected modules
User data length Depending on the number and type of connected modules
Diagnostics length 17 to 64 bytes (adjustable)
Standards and approvals
PROFIBUS EN 50170, Volume 2
IEC 1131 IEC 1131, Part 2
UL Acc. to standard UL508, File No. E 116536/E 75310 (AC modules)
RCM (formerly C-Tick) AS/NZS 2064 (Class A)
CSA Acc. to standard C22.2 No. 142, File No. LR 48323/LR 44226 (AC modules)
cULus for hazardous locations Acc. to standard UL 508, File No. E 116536
acc. to hazardous locations UL 1604, File No. E 222109
acc. to standard CSA C22.2, no. 142
FM Standard Class No. 3611, Class I, Division 2, Group A, B, C, D, Class I, Zone 2, Group IIC (without motor starter and frequency converter)
Shipbuilding American Bureau of ShippingBureau VeritasDet Norske VeritasGermanischer LloydLloyds Register of ShippingNippon Kaiji Kyokai(without motor starters and frequency converters)
Ex approval Cat. 3 (for Zone 2 acc. to ATEX–100a) EN 50021(without frequency converters)

Within the context of converting SIMATIC from UL / CSA to cULus, the ET 200S modules will also be converted

I/O systems for in cabinets
I/O systems for in cabinets
I/O systems for in the field
I/O systems for in the field
Industrial PC's
Industrial PC's
Automatic door controls
Automatic door controls

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