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Modular I/O (Series 750)

Modular I/O (Series 750)


I/O modules with pluggable field wiring Some applications, especially in safety related fields, require a module in the fieldbus node to be exchanged without disturbing the existing wiring. For this purpose, WAGO has added I/O modules with pluggable field wiring to the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750. A pre-wired connector that plugs into the I/O module fulfills this function. The new modules are only slightly higher, the width and the depth remain the same as the existing modules.

The separation of function layer and wiring layer eliminates a source of errors during module exchange and an exchange can be accomplished much faster than with individual wiring. At the same time the connector allows a fieldbus node to be pre-wired. Since it is possible to combine I/O modules with or without pluggable field wiring the user has the opportunity to choose the optimum type of connection for every single I/O module even within one fieldbus node. The connector allows the use of cable ties, if required, which makes it easier to bundle the wires. Direct testing aids commissioning and maintenance.

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