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EVA Desktop Robot Arm

EVA Desktop Robot Arm

Meet Eva:

the industrial robot starting from just £8,000

An affordable robotic arm able to handle the simple repetitive tasks.


It’s the first robot designed with small batch production in mind and built by the UK manufacturer Automata. Shop floor workers can learn to program Eva in fifteen minutes, and it’s compact enough to sit on a machine or even a desktop.


Eva helps small businesses level the playing field.

Its light weight and small footprint enable rapid changeovers and painless operation. It doesn’t require any special expertise to operate, nor does it need a control box or a teach pendant.

  • Automate manual bottleneck processes that are impacting throughput
  • Free up staff from repetitive tasks so they can focus on value-add operations
  • Takes just hours, not days, to deploy
  • Has payback periods that are measured in months not years


Technical Specifications:

  • Enclosure: IP20
  • Base fixings: 4x M6 Screws or Bolts in a 132 x 132 mm square
  • Tool fixings: 4x M6 Screws in a 40 mm ? circle.
  • Footprint: 160mm x 160 mm

Did you know, we are an entrusted Siemens approved partner?