Accessories for Process Instrumentation


Series CL – General purpose application up to 105A

Three and four pole contactors

– 9 to 105A (AC3)

– 25 to 140A (AC1)

Control circuit

  • Alternating current up to 690V
  • Direct current up to 440V
  • Terminal numbering in accordance with EN 50005 and EN 50012
  • Fixing by clipping onto 35mm DIN rail EN 50022-35 or by screws
  • Screws protected against accidental contact in accordance with VDE 0106 T.100, VBG4.

Ring terminal version

  • Three coil terminals
  • Mounting possibilities:
    – front/side instantaneous auxiliary contact blocks
    – timed auxiliary contact blocks
    – mechanical latch
    – transient suppressor block and interface modules
  • Degree of protection:
    – IP20 to CL00 … CL02
    – IP10 to CL25 … CL10
  • Maximum number of auxiliary contacts:
    – 4 for CL00 … CL25
    – 6 for CL04 … CL45
    – 8 for CL06 … CL10

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