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Meet the Smart Collaborative Robot: Sawyer

Parmley Graham
By: Parmley Graham
19th April, 2019
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Rethink Robotics meets German Engineering

We are pleased to announce our exciting new partnership with Rethink Robotics GmbH, part of the HAHN Group. With the acquisition of Rethink Robotics by the HAHN Group in October 2018, Rethink Robotics meets German Engineering. Rethink Robotics is now building on the know-how and experience of one of the leaders in the fields of industrial automation and robotics. 

Rethink Robotics are pioneers and leading innovators in the field of collaborative robots, helping manufacturers of all sizes automate more tasks on the factory floor. By providing reliable, safe and affordable Cobots, manufacturers can achieve greater productivity, solve labour shortages, and improve quality.

Advanced robotic technology, a combination of software and hardware which has been developed by a team of manufacturing professionals, powers the easiest-to-use and fastest-to-deploy robots in the industry, ensuring a quick return on investment.

Unlike conventional industrial robots, Rethink Robotics’ Cobots (Collaborative Robots) are safe to work side-by-side with their human co-workers without cages, automating the dull, dirty and dangerous jobs that no one wants.

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Main Sawyer Cobot Features

Software Driven Hardware:

That’s the Rethink difference – a collaborative robot manufacturer that provides a Cobot solution with powerful software which is continually updated for the life of the robot, with production metrics delivered in real-time.

High Resolution Force Control:

Thanks to sensitive torque sensors embedded into every joint, Sawyer’s built in force sensing allows you to control force where delicate part insertion is critical, or use force feedback in tasks where you need to verify that parts are seated properly.

Fast to Deploy:

Rethink’s powerful combination of hardware and software, together with the ClickSmart gripper technology, allow our robots to be deployed faster, in more tasks and applications, and without time-consuming customisation.

Embedded and External Vision:

Sawyer comes with an embedded Cognex Vision System in its arm that enables the Robot Positioning System and other complex vision tasks. Or seamlessly integrate an external camera in minutes to leverage in-house systems.

Small Footprint - Long Reach:

With 7 degrees of freedom and a 1260 mm maximum reach, Sawyer fits into a variety of work cells – even those already designed for people. Sawyer’s arm can manoeuvre into tight spaces, and around fixtures and doors, much like a human arm.

Certifiably Safe:

While traditional industrial robots have to be kept behind cages, Sawyer is inherently safe, designed to work alongside people, and is certified to meet ISO requirements by TÜV Rheinland (ISO 10218-1:2011 and PLd Cat. 3).

Target Applications

  • CNC machining 

  • PCB handling and ICT

  • Metal fabrication 

  • Molding operations 

  • Packaging

  • Line loading and unloading 

  • Test and inspection

ClickSmart Gripper Family

The ClickSmart Plate is the cornerstone of the ClickSmart family – its quick release mechanism allows swapping of end-effectors in seconds, without the use of any tools. Embedded sensors store the configuration of the connected end-effector so that when the ClickSmart Plate is attached to a Sawyer collaborative robot it immediately recognises the type of end-effector and knows how to control it.

ClickSmart Gripper Kits contain all the components you need to quickly build and customize gripping solutions for a wide range of tasks. The plug-and-play kits greatly reduce the need for costly custom design, and enable faster deployment of our smart collaborative robots.

Vacuum Foam Gripper Kit:

Vacuum Foam Gripper Kit (VFG): Designed for applications where different sized parts need to be picked or where surfaces are uneven. The kit includes: 1 foam vacuum gripper and analogue vacuum sensor for intelligent behaviours. The foam gripper is 80 mm diameter

Vacuum Large Gripper Kit:

Vacuum Large Gripper Kit (VLG): Designed for applications where large and/or multiple parts need to be picked up at the same time. The kit includes assembly for up to 4 G ¼ thread vacuum cups (4 angle clamps, 4 extension tubes, 4 push fittings, 4 bag lip vacuum cups, 4 dual durometer cups), vacuum generator with silencer, and analogue vacuum sensor for intelligent behaviours.

Vacuum Small Gripper Kit:

Vacuum Small Gripper Kit (VSG): Designed for applications where the pick surface area may be small and swap time is important. The kit includes assembly for up to 8 M5 thread vacuum cups (8 angle clamps, 8 extension tubes, 8 push fittings, 8 conducting vacuum cups, 8 dual durometer cups), vacuum generator with silencer, and analogue vacuum sensor for intelligent behaviours.

Pneumatic Large Gripper Kit:

Pneumatic Large Gripper Kit (PLG): Designed for gripping large parts, as well as picking different sized parts. The kit includes 1 parallel pneumatic gripper, 2 sensors used for open/close/ gripping states, and air regulators for grip speed control.

Pneumatic Small Gripper Kit:

Pneumatic Small Gripper Kit (PSG): Designed for applications where swap time is important, such as CNC machine tending, testing and inspection, and PCB handling. The kit includes: 2 pneumatic grippers and aluminium extrusion, 4 sensors used for open/close gripping states, and air regulators for grip speed control.

Intera 5

The Intera 5 software platform provides an easy-to-deploy approach to industrial automation. Our software innovation drives manufacturing productivity (download the Product Spec Sheet) around the world. We provide increased functionality and capabilities through frequent software releases for the life of your robot. Smart technology. Wise investment.

Easy to use:

Many vendors call their robots easy to use, but our Intera software platform has a graphical user interface which allows you train the robot, even if you have never written a line of code or programmed a robot before. Using our industry leading train-by-demonstration capabilities, anyone can interact directly with the robot’s arm to easily train tasks.

Intera Studio:

Intera features a powerful user interface called Intera Studio which allows users to access robot tasks and fine-tune the details of the task from their laptop. Intera Studio gives you the ability to create, modify, and monitor tasks quickly, whilst utilising the advanced capabilities to control the robot.

Intera Insights:

Intera Insights provides critical production metrics directly on the robot, and can identify production anomalies before they become problems. Key Performance Indicators, such as cycle times and part counts, are accessible on the factory floor in real time. The same customisable data is also fed to Intera Studio, providing visibility to other team members.

Vision: Inside and Out:

Sawyer has an embedded Cognex Vision System in the arm which allows the robot to locate objects or inspect for part presence.  This vision system enables the Robot Positioning System (RPS) to look for changes in the robot's environment and automatically respond to work-cell variation.

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