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Inductive sensors

Inductive sensors

Inductive sensors

Turck Inductive sensors serve for wear free and non contact detection of metal objects. They operate with a high frequency electromagnetic AC field which interacts with the target. With conventional sensors, this field is generated by a LC resonance circuit with a ferrite core coil. Uprox inductive sensors operate on a new detection principle. In addition, due to their ferrite less 3-coil construction, they incorporate features which provide them with significant advantages for a wide range of applications compared to conventional inductive sensors.

M8 & M12

  • 8 / 12 mm threaded metal barrel
  • Ideal replacement for range limited proximity sensors
  • Opposed, retroreflective, diffuse and fixed-field modes
  • Excellent background suppression for fixed-field models

M18 & M30

  • Rugged 18 / 30 mm stainless steel threaded barrels
  • Opposed, polarized and non-polarized retroreflective, diffuse and fixed-field modes
  • Specially designed EZ-BEAM style optics and electronics for reliable sensing without adjustments

CK40 / QV40

40 mm rectangular inductive plastic sensors are available with quick disconnect in Eurofast, Microfast and Minifast series.


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