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Surge Protection Devices

Surge Protection Devices

ABB offers a wide range of Surge Protective Devices (SPDs) for protection against lightning and transient overvoltages.

Lightning strikes create surge currents which generate transient overvoltages in the power distribution and data transmission networks. The OVR SPDs divert the surge current directly to the ground and limit the overvoltage to values compatible with the equipment connected to the network.

Surge Protective Devices

  • Official name: Surge Protection Devices (SPDs)

  • IEC 61643-1: International standard for surge protective devices connected to low-voltage power distribution systems

  • IEC 62305 -1/ -2/ -3/ -4 : International standard on protection against lightning

  • UL 1449 Ed. 3 : North American ANSI/UL standard for surge protective devices

  • SPDs Type 1 : OVR T1 for protection in exposed areas installed in the main distribution board

  • SPDs Type 2 : OVR T2 for of the sensitive equipement installed in sub-distribution board

  • High capacity : T1 with Iimp from 7 up to 100 kA (10/350 µs) and T2 with Imax from 10 to 120 kA (8/20 µs)

  • Low protection level (Up) : <2.5kV for OVR T1 and <1.5kV for OVR T2

  • OVR PV dedicated range for photovoltaic systems

  • OVR WT for wind turbine application

  • Pluggable for easy maintenance

  • Safety reserve for an increased protection

  • Auxilliary contact with TS option

  • Compact modular range


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