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SNK Series Terminal Blocks

SNK Series Terminal Blocks

SNK Range

ABB is proud to introduce the ultimate SNK Terminal Blocks range (ZS..Product type). It's a new approach for connection on rail.

A Smart Design to Support your daily Connection Challenges

Revitalise your electrical installations

• Modern

• High quality finishing

Improve marking visibility from any direction

• Asymmetrical design offers the best visibility from any direction

• +20 % Marking surface : up to 8 digits

Facilitate your rail assembly process

• Asymmetrical shape

• Stiffness

• Locking pin: quick and easy locking of up to ten blocks in position at a time

Smooth your connections process

• Engineered conductor entry

• One or two conductors

• Conductors with or without ferrules

Facilitate maintenance operations

• Terminals can be individually removed from a terminal assembly equipped with markers

• Handwriting possible


Make Savings where it Counts

Save on installation space

Up to 20% size reduction of terminal assembly

Same performance, smaller spacing : still compliant with the latest version of the IEC 60947-7-1 standard

Reduce your inventory cost

Significant reduction of part numbers to manage:

- Less terminal blocks and accessories needed to do your electrical installation

- Number of units per pack suited to the usage

Reduce marking cost

• With pre-printed marker cards and strip mounting.

• Zero investment possible using your current tools:

- Adhesive hand label printer

- Desktop printers

- Pen

Did you know, we are an entrusted Siemens approved partner?