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Distributed IO (Pepperl+Fuchs)

Distributed IO (Pepperl+Fuchs)

Ethernet IO Modules from Pepperl+Fuchs

Efficient, Innovative, and Durable

Pepperl+Fuchs' new Ethernet IO modules offer a number of innovative features.  With a versatile multi-protocol capability, they provide optimum efficiency for standardizing manufacturing facilities. IO-Link and comprehensive diagnostics are important for maintaining and troubleshooting your machines. These innovative, high-performance communication modules can help optimize your installations.

Multi-Protocol Solution, Standardized Plant Design

These new modules are interfaces to industrial fieldbus systems. They enable direct Ethernet communications from a PLC in the central control panel to the devices on the factory floor. The multi-protocol capability of the modules offers a key advantage over many other products on the market. One single module

supports a variety of Ethernet communication protocols: PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, and EtherCAT. This reduces the number  of components needed which lowers costs and enables standardization in plant design.

Innovative Connection Technology, Improved Performance

The innovative L-coded M12 connector has a higher current rating of up to 2 x 16 A, providing a 70 % performance increase compared to 7/8" mini style connectors. As a result, fewer power cables are needed, higher peak loads can be met, and more modules can be daisy-chained together. Another benefit is the general standardization of the compact M12 connection. This is a key advantage for plant operators who value maximum efficiency and uniform system design.


  • All standard Ethernet communication protocols are supported in one single module for optimal machine standardization
  • Innovative M12 power connector for reduced installation costs thanks to higher current capability of 2 x 16 A for sensors and actuators
  • Integrated IO-Link master for continuous diagnostics and parameterization from the control system to the sensor level
  • Integrated, decentralized control function allows self-sufficient functionality independent of the PLC
  • Comprehensive diagnostics available through web server for more transparency and increased process reliability


Did you know, we are an entrusted Siemens approved partner?