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ASIsafe - Safety is included

ASIsafe enables the integration of safety-related components, such as EMERGENCY-STOP pushbuttons, protective door switches or safety light arrays, in an AS-Interface network. These are fully compatible with the familiar AS-Interface components masters, slaves, power supplies, repeaters, etc.) in accordance with IEC 62026-2 and are operated in conjunction with them on the yellow AS-Interface cable.

Tested safety

The transmission method for safety-related signals is approved for implementing applications up to PL e according to EN ISO 13849-1 and up to SIL 3 according to IEC 62061/ IEC 61508.

Higher-level control

Nodes on the AS-Interface bus are as usual controlled in operation by the standard program of the higher-level SIMATIC (F) CPU or by a SINUMERIK control.

Configuring safety functions

In order to implement safe functions, the information from the safe and standard nodes must be combined logically and further parameters set. The configuration of the safety functions depends on which safety solution is being used:

• In the case of the AS-i safety solution with F-CPU:

In conjunction with the SIMATIC AS-i F-Link as a safe AS-i master, all safety functions and logic operations are configured via STEP 7 and processed in the controller (F-CPU) by the fail-safe program.

• In the case of the AS-i safety solution with local evaluation by MSS:

In conjunction with the Modular Safety System all safety functions and combinations are configured using the MSS ES software and processed in the MSS central unit.



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