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Industrial Ethernet FastConnect RJ45 Plugs (IP20 and IP65/67)

RJ45 cabling system as the established standard for Industrial Ethernet

FastConnect RJ45 plug-in connector, immune to interference; thanks to its rugged metal enclosure, the ideal solution for assembling RJ45 plug-in connectors on 4-core FastConnect Twisted Pair installation cables in the field area (PROFINET-compatible). Time-saving, error-free installation due to FastConnect system.

Industry-compatible design (rugged metal enclosure, parts can't be lost)
Excellent EMC shielding and deflection (metal enclosure)
Additional strain and bending relief of plug connector possible through latching of plug on device enclosure, e.g. with SCALANCE X, SCALANCE S, ET 200SP
Compatible with the EN 50173 (RJ45) / ISO IEC 11801 standard
Connector can be used with rigid and flexible cores

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