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Optical Link Modules

Optical Link Modules
Optical networks with OLMs - Optical Link Modules

Establish your optical networks with PROFIBUS OLM (Optical Link Modules) as required in linear, star or redundant ring topologies.

The range of PROFIBUS OLM products includes many different versions and can be used for different applications with plastic or glass fiber-optic cables:

  • System buses and fieldbuses based on PROFIBUS
  • Networking between buildings using glass fiber-optic cable
  • Mixed networks with electrical and optical segments
  • Networks covering a wide area (road tunnels, traffic control systems)
  • Networks with high availability requirements (redundant ring networks)


  • High availability of the network thanks to redundant optical ring structure
  • High availability due to a redundant power supply and redundant cable routing
  • Fast fault localization due to signaling contact, LED, channel monitoring and measurement terminals
  • Large range due to use of glass fiber-optic cables (singlemode) in lengths of up to 15 km

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