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Contactor Relays

Contactor Relays

The 3RH2 contactor relays have screw, ring terminal lug or spring-type terminals. The basic unit contains 4 contacts with terminal designations according to EN 50011.

The 3RH2 contactor relays are climate-proof. They are finger-safe according to EN 50274. The devices with ring terminal lug connection comply with degree of protection IP20 when fitted with the related terminal cover.

Contact reliability

High contact stability at low voltages and currents, suitable for solid-state circuits with currents ? 1 mA at a voltage of ? 17 V.

Surge suppression

RC elements, varistors, diodes or diode assemblies (combination of a diode and a Zener diode) can be plugged onto all contactor relays from the front for damping opening surges in the coil. The plug-in direction is determined by a coding device.


The OFF-delay of the NO contact and the ON-delay of the NC contact are increased if the contactor coils are attenuated against voltage peaks (noise suppression diode 6 to 10 times; diode assembly 2 to 6 times, varistor +2 to 5 ms).


The accessories for the 3RT2 contactors in size S00 can also be used for the 3RH2 contactor relays.

Auxiliary switch blocks

The 3RH2 contactor relays can be expanded by up to four contacts by the addition of snap-on auxiliary switch blocks.

The auxiliary switch block can easily be snapped onto the front of the contactors. The auxiliary switch block has a centrally positioned release lever for disassembly.

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