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3RA2 load feeders

3RA2 load feeders

Load Feeders SIRIUS 3RA2

In our SIRIUS range, you will find the right load feeders (for direct, reversing or star-delta (wye-delta) starters) - fused or fuseless - comprising easily combined single units (e.g. by fitting the appropriate function modules to contactors) or as pre-wired and tested complete units with spring-loaded or screw-type connections. More than 40,000 tested combinations cover almost every application case.

For easy assembly of load feeders, comprising circuit breakers (motor or starter protection) and other SIRIUS switching devices from the modular system, such as contactors, soft starters or semiconductor switching devices, link modules are available which can be used to combine the devices with spring-loaded or screw-type connections at lightning speed.

3RU, 3RB overload relays or 3RR2 monitoring relays can also be directly integrated in the load feeder by fitting them to the contactor - for even better system monitoring.

The function modules for interfacing to the PLC offer an attractive alternative to the parallel wiring method. The modules with interfaces for AS-Interface or IO-Link are plugged into the 3RT2 contactors without the need for any tools. With the help of standardized profiles, the load feeders can easily exchange operating data, such as Ready signal, ON/OFF and group warning/fault with the PLC. Diagnostics data is even available - which enhances transparency in the plant

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