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As a unique power supply system with network integration, SITOP PSU8600 sets new standards in industrial power supplies. It can be fully integrated into Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) and networked via OPC UA and SITOP Manager with automation systems from different manufacturers.

The comprehensive functions offer new possibilities, and the online diagnostics increase the reliability of the power supply. Voltage and current response thresholds can be set individually for each output of the power supply system, and selective monitoring of each output for overload allows fast fault location. Depending on requirements, more modules from the modular system can be added without wiring work, for example to buffer against power failures in the second, minute or hour range, or for increasing the number of outputs.

SITOP PSU8600 can be easily configured in the TIA Portal: From the product selection through the network integration to the parameter assignment.

Comprehensive diagnostic and maintenance information is available via PROFINET. It can be evaluated directly in SIMATIC S7 and visualized in SIMATIC WinCC. Remote monitoring is also possible via the integrated web server. Optimal support is also provided for energy management of plant or machines: From the acquisition of energy data from individual outputs, the specific activation and deactivation of outputs via PROFIenergy, to direct integration in power management systems.

The integrated OPC UA server also allows direct integration into automation applications with OPC UA clients made by different manufacturers, e.g. of controllers or PCs. The power supply system can be both configured and diagnosed via the open interface, e.g. via SITOP Manager.


  • Space and cost savings through up to 36 integrated outputs with selective monitoring (no need for one or more additional selectivity modules)
  • Individually parameterizable outputs (elimination of an additional power supply unit, e.g. for 5 V, 12 V or 15 V)
  • Compensation for power losses can be set separately for each output
  • Narrow width without lateral installation clearances
  • Low temperature rise in the control cabinet due to very high efficiency
  • Depending on requirements, modular expansion without wiring work (additional outputs, buffer module, UPS module)
  • Reliable operation by bridging power failures in the second, minute or hour range
  • Two integrated Ethernet/PROFINET ports (no external switch required)
  • Integrated web server
  • Integrated OPC UA server for open, multi-vendor communication
  • Complete integration in TIA requires less time and reduces costs during configuration (TIA Portal) and in operation
  • SIMATIC S7 function blocks for easy integration in STEP 7 user programs
  • Fast integration in operator control and monitoring with WinCC faceplates
  • Direct integration in SIMATIC PCS 7 via SITOP library
  • Easy configuration and monitoring via SITOP Manager
  • Preventive maintenance reduces downtimes
  • Energy savings during breaks through targeted switching of outputs
  • Easy integration in energy management systems (PROFIenergy protocol)


SITOP PSU8600 power supply system is used as a central DC power supply in larger plants, or machines with networked automation systems. The PSU8600 can be directly integrated into the LAN infrastructure by means of the two integrated PROFINET ports.

An extremely high level of reliability is achieved for the DC voltage supply by monitoring the individual DC branches for overload and bridging short-term power failures (brownouts). Complete transparency and fast fault localization are achieved by providing comprehensive diagnostic and maintenance information (e.g. load states of the outputs, phase/network failure, overtemperature) via PROFINET.

Energy-optimized operation is supported by measuring the current power and voltage values of the individual outputs as well as the individual activation and deactivation of the DC outputs via PROFIenergy during break times.


  • SITOP PSU8600, 3-phase power supply, 24 V DC/20 A/4 x 5 A with four outputs (max. 5 A per output) and two Ethernet/PROFINET ports
  • SITOP PSU8600, 3-phase power supply, 24 V DC/20 A with one output and two Ethernet/PROFINET ports
  • SITOP PSU8600, 3-phase power supply, 24 V DC/40 A/4 x 10 A with four outputs (max. 10 A per output) and two Ethernet/PROFINET ports
  • SITOP PSU8600, 3-phase power supply, 24 V DC/40 A with one output and two Ethernet/PROFINET ports

Modular system, consisting of:

  • SITOP CNX8600 4 x 5 A (expansion module with 4 outputs, each 5 A)
  • SITOP CNX8600 4 x 10 A (expansion module with 4 outputs, each 10 A)
  • SITOP CNX8600 8 x 2.5 A (expansion module with 8 outputs, each 2.5 A)
  • SITOP BUF8600 100 ms/40 A (buffer module with 100 ms at 40 A)
  • SITOP BUF8600 300 ms/40 A (buffer module with 300 ms at 40 A)
  • SITOP BUF8600 4 s/40 A (buffer module with 4 s at 40 A)
  • SITOP BUF8600 10 s/40 A (buffer module with 10 s at 40 A)
  • SITOP UPS8600 (UPS module)
    • BAT8600 (battery module BAT8600 Pb for buffering in case of power failure 10 min/960 W)
    • BAT8600 (battery module BAT8600 LiFePO4 for buffering in case of power failure 14 min/960 W)

Up to 4 CNX8600 expansion modules and up to 2 buffer components (BUF8600 or UPS8600) can be connected to a PSU8600 basic unit. The connection is made on top of the modules without any wiring using the System Clip Link, a connecting plug for system data and power supplies. Up to six supplementary modules can be added in random order; this means that existing configurations do not have to be altered if a module is added at a later stage. Up to 5 BAT8600 battery modules of the same type can be connected to a UPS8600 module. The connection between UPS8600 and BAT8600 via the Energy Storage Link enables intelligent battery management for optimum battery life.


Supply of connected loads

An individual supply voltage can be set at each output of the power supply system. This means you can supply loads with different rated voltages simultaneously with only one device. Plus the voltage drop caused by the different cable lengths can be compensated individually, which means each load can be supplied with the optimum voltage.

Monitoring of the outputs for overload

Each output of the power supply system is individually monitored for overload. If the load current exceeds the set response threshold, the output is shut down according to specified time-current characteristics. All other outputs continue to be supplied reaction-free.

Enabling and disabling the outputs

Each output can be manually enabled or disabled directly on the device (e.g. for commissioning or service) and an overload tripping can be reset. Outputs disabled due to overload can also be reset remotely using a remote reset signal (24 V input).

In addition, program-controlled enabling and disabling of the outputs is possible using the integrated Ethernet/PROFINET interface. This also means you can disable individual outputs by means of PROFIenergy during breaks to save energy.


Comprehensive diagnostic information can be queried and processed via the integrated Ethernet/PROFINET interface during operation for both the device status as well as the status of the individual outputs. This results in complete transparency, minimal downtimes and quick fault location. The integrated web server also permits remote monitoring of the power supply system.


If brief voltage dips occur on the mains side, the buffer module provides the load current for supplying the outputs via its energy storage devices. Maintenance-free electrolytic capacitors or double-layer capacitors are used as energy-storage units.

UPS module UPS8600 can be used with the corresponding BAT8600 battery modules to protect against longer power failures. This allows power failures in the minutes to hours range to be bridged. These supplementary modules also make it possible to shut down the system in a specific and safe manner in the event of a power failure. For most power interruptions, however, the bridging time is sufficient so that the system can continue to run without malfunction.


Software for TIA-based automation systems

Different software components are available to facilitate easy integration of the SITOP PSU8600 in the TIA environment.

Engineering is simple via the TIA Portal. Special function blocks for SIMATIC S7-300, S7-400, S7-1200 and S7-1500 also support integration in the STEP 7 user program.

The comprehensive operating and diagnostic data of the power supply system can be visualized using ready-to-use PSU8600 faceplates for WinCC.

TIA Portal

  • User-friendly, failsafe integration of SITOP PSU8600 in the PROFINET network by means of drag-and-drop
  • Convenient configuration of the PSU8600 basic units and CNX8600 and BUF8600 add-on modules though simple selection from the TIA Portal hardware catalog from version V14 and for UPS8600 and BAT8600 as of version V15 SP1
  • Free HSP (hardware support package) available for the TIA Portal at:
  • Free download of GSD file (generic station description) for STEP 7 V 5.5 available from

Error-free establishment of the PROFINET connection between the SITOP PSU8600 and the controller is easy with the TIA Portal

STEP 7 function blocks

Function blocks are available for STEP 7 user programs on SIMATIC S7-300/400/1200/1500. They allow further processing of the PSU8600 operating data.

  • Function blocks for STEP 7 V5.5
  • Function blocks for STEP 7 in the TIA Portal

Free download at:

Faceplates for WinCC

Ready-to-use faceplates save programming time during visualization of the SITOP PSU8600. The faceplates show all relevant statuses and values of the power supply system and the individual outputs and are available for the following systems:

  • Faceplates for WinCC from Version V7.3
  • Faceplates for WinCC flexible 2008 SP3
  • Faceplates for WinCC Comfort/Advanced/Professional in the TIA Portal

Free download at:

The pre-compiled WinCC faceplates show all the relevant data of the power supply system in an easy-to-understand display.

Software for SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system

The SITOP library is available with blocks and faceplates for direct integration into SIMATIC PCS 7. The SW blocks in the SIMATIC S7 supply the faceplate on the user interface of the process control system with operating and diagnostics data, generate messages and ensure connection to the maintenance system of PCS 7. This ensures constant transparency of the 24V supply in the control system. The SITOP library is supported in SIMATIC PCS 7 with SP2 as from version V8.0.

Free download at:

SITOP Manager—the tool for commissioning, engineering and monitoring of communication-capable SITOP power supplies

SITOP Manager is the medium for all users who do not work with SIMATIC STEP 7 in the TIA Portal or with SIMATIC PCS 7. It manages all communication-capable power supplies in a communication network and enables their commissioning, online and offline engineering, diagnostics as well as operator control and monitoring. With the help of the SITOP Shutdown Service (autonomous function of the SITOP Manager), for example, it also supports continuous monitoring and specific shutdown of one or more PCs in case of a power failure. SITOP Manager is available as a free download in SIOS. It supports the following SITOP devices:

  • Requirement for the use of SITOP Manager V1.0 with SITOP PSU8600:
    • SITOP PSU8600 40 A / 4 x 10 A as of product state (PS) “2”, firmware V1.4.0 and higher
    • SITOP PSU8600 20 A / 4 x 5 A, 20 A, 40 A as of product state (PS) “1”, firmware V1.4.0 and higher
Functions of the SITOP Manager
  • Integrated engineering, monitoring, diagnostics and service functions save time and operating costs
  • Usability via the web interface simplifies automation projects
  • Stability and quality prevent plant failures
  • Shutting down specific PCs prevents data loss in the event of a power failure
  • Possibility to configure multiple SITOP PSU8600 PN/USBs via a single SITOP Manager project file reduces overhead and time, thus saving costs
  • The option to make configuration changes during operation (CiR) reduces plant downtimes
  • Firmware update option ensures that the SITOP PSU8600 is always up-to-date
  • Since SITOP Manager supports Microsoft Windows, it can be used on all common PCs
  • Built-in versatility since the SITOP Manager can be operated on a wide variety of end devices, such as PCs/industrial PCs, tablets and mobiles
  • Secure, encrypted communication according to the Siemens security concepts (‘Security-in-depth’ model)

Diagnostics via SITOP Manager

Alarm history in SITOP Manager

SITOP Manager UPS1600 offline, including saving of offline project to a project file

Free download at:

Web server

A web server is integrated in the PSU8600 basic unit for remote monitoring of the power supply system.

Remote monitoring of

  • Hardware configuration data
  • Operating data of the basic unit, all connected add-on modules and the individual outputs
  • Alarm messages

Remote access via:

  • Firefox V29, Internet Explorer 8, 10, 11
  • IP address
  • User name and password

The password-protected web server offers a view of the configuration and operating data.



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