Distributed I/O for use in the field

How does your I/O system extend beyond the control cabinet?

The right solution for indoor environments beyond the control cabinet

In operating and protecting your control system outside of the control cabinet, there are a number of solutions available through Distributed I/O blocks. The ET200pro is a modular and multifunctional device with, and integrated safety technology. By installing an ET200pro directly onto a machine without a control cabinet, this saves plenty of space, and its flexible connection options via IO-Link allow the device to connect to devices in the control cabinet, and outdoors.

The ET200AL is a lightweight and mobile module with unlimited flexibility when mounting for hard-to-reach parts. Siemens’ compact device is very easy to install, wire and commission, and in the event of a fault, its failsafe shutdown will protect consumers. The ET 200iSP is an intrinsically-safe solution for use in dusty and gaseous atmospheres at ambient temperatures from -20 to +70 °C, and is fully modular.


Durable block I/O for outdoor environments

When setting up an outdoor control system, the ET200eco provides a PROFIBUS solution, and the ET200eco PN provides a PROFINET solution. While compact in size, both modules are rugged and well-protected by their metal housing, making them reliable in any weather and environment condition, including explosion hazard areas.


Communication with the entire control system

All ET 200 products for use in the field and the control cabinet can communicate with each other, and operate separately without interruption. Discover the ideal solution for your business, and contact Parmley Graham for any more information you require.

Discover I/O systems for in the field

ET200eco PN
ET200eco PN


The I/O system for both inside and outside the control cabinet


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