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Multiple Light Beam SafetyDevice

Multiple Light Beam SafetyDevice

Multiple light beam safety devices

When functionality becomes economical

Multiple Light Beam Safety Devices with muting function ensure constant personnel protection (access guarding) with unobstructed material infeed, e.g., in conveyor systems. Options such as the integrated Laser Alignment Aid, an integrated muting indicator and the patented swivel mount for easy fastening and alignment round out the program.

MLD 500

The economical alternative

This type 4 series can be used both for access guarding as well as for applications with muting. Through various function classes (MLD 510, 520, 530, 535), the optimum design can always be selected. Configuration via PC or DIP switch is not necessary.

  • Version available as 3-beam transceiver

  • Optionally with integrated AS-i Safety interface

  • Integrated muting function, no additional muting module is necessary

  • The configuration is simply performed by means of wiring, i. e. no software, PC or DIP switch are necessary

  • Simple device exchange by means of Plug & Play with no programming

  • The use at ambient temperatures as low as -30 degC is possible

  • Options: integrated laser alignment aid, integrated muting indicator, 7?segment display

MLD 500 transceiver

Your plus in flexibility

With this type 4 design, all active components, such as transmitter, receiver and the integrated evaluation unit, are contained in a common housing. This reduces wiring considerably.

  • 3-beam transceiver replaces more complex systems

  • Suitable for low temperature environments as low as -30 degC

  • Integrated muting functions for configuration by means of pin assignments

  • Simple device exchange by means of Plug & Play with no programming

  • 2- and 3-beam systems available

  • Range from 0.5 to 8 m

  • M12 connection technology, with integrated AS-i Safety interface if necessary

  • High robustness against interference through multiple scanning

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