PNOZmulti is used in numerous industries. The intelligent dovetailing of safety-related and standard control functions, a modular concept and simple configuration mean the system can control from the simplest machine to distributed plants. PNOZmulti is so flexible that it can also be adapted to suit your application - guaranteed.

Performance range, PNOZmulti / Small control system PNOZmulti Mini

Base units PNOZmulti Mini

 These configurable safety relays are available as a stand-alone (PNOZ mm0p) or modular, expandable version (PNOZ mm0.1p, PNOZ mm0.2p). A maximum of 4 link and communication modules are available for the left-hand side; a maximum of 1 PNOZsigma relay expansion module is available for the right-hand side.

Base units PNOZmulti

 The configurable control system offers a wide range of base units, including specific units for press applications or burner management. A wide range of expansion modules covers any potential application.

Base units PNOZmulti 2

 The configurable control system also offers the base unit PNOZ m B0 with an illuminated display and a width of just 45 mm. It has lower energy consumption than comparable products.

PNOZmulti Tool Kit

 The PNOZmulti Tool Kit contains the accessories you need to start working with PNOZmulti.


 Here you'll find a wide range of accessories for the control system PNOZmulti / PNOZmulti Mini, from a screw terminal set to spring-loaded terminals.

PNOZmulti Mini
PNOZmulti Mini
PNOZmulti 2
PNOZmulti 2
PNOZmulti Configurator
PNOZmulti Configurator

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