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Safety Light Curtain

Safety Light Curtain

Optoelectronic safety device are used as entry, danger point or danger zone guards.

SLG/SLC range safety light grids and light curtains can be integrated into the safety concept of the machine or plant even under tight space conditions by virtue of their very compact design.

These safety devices are also often used on presses to guard danger points or zones. Depending on the paticular resolution of the safety light grids and curtains, protection of persons, hands or even fingers can be provided. SLG/SLC range safety light grids and light curtains achieve Control Category 4 to EN 954-1.

Design and mode of operation:

On the SLB/SLC/SLG ranges of optoelectronic safety devices, the emitter and receiver are fitted in two separate enclosures. An invisible infra-red signal is sent from the emitter and this is picked up by the lens system of the receiver and evaluated either by an integral or external safety monitoring module. If the light beam is interrupted, the secure outputs are switched.

All of the optoelectronic safety devices listed here are maintenance-free and are characterised by simple fitting and adjustment.

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