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Sensors for positioning

Sensors for positioning

Sensors for Positioning

At the right position with millimeter accuracy

With moving system parts that need to automatically work together, the positioning of parts or work pieces with millimeter accuracy is of great importance. We offer devices here with two operating principles. One is a laser distance measurement device that measures against a reflector and the other is a bar code positioning system that has a red light laser which determines the position and speed relative to a bar code tape.

AMS 300i

The power of optical laser distance measurement

The AMS 300i sensor calculates distances to moving system parts contact-free, fast and with absolute precision at ranges up to 300 m. In cycles lasting just milliseconds, the laser distance measuring system provides the distances required for dynamic control functions with millimeter accuracy using a unique selection of Industrial Ethernet and fieldbus interfaces.

With the AMS 300i, distances of up to 300 m can be calculated with maximum accuracy and in intervals on the order of milliseconds through the use of the latest signal processors. Borderline situations are detected and indicated with the integrated, extensive functionality catalog.

  • Repeatability of 1 mm, with tested absolute measurement accuracy from ±2 mm to ±5 mm at a range of 300 m

  • Simultaneous calculation and monitoring of position and speed

  • Integrated interface diversity for problem-free integration into a large array of systems

  • Red light laser for simple alignment and real-time position measurement

  • Integrated intelligent mounting solution for simple alignment and fastening

  • Plain-text display in five languages for international use

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