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Special sensors

Special sensors

Color sensors

Always good when things get colorful

This sensor type detects colors and compares them to a stored reference value. They are the right solution whenever the color of an object or marking can serve as a sorting or inspection criteria. Depending on the configuration and specified tolerance values of the system, the result is output as a switching signal.

CRT 442

Small in size, big in performance

If only one color channel is needed, this compact design is both a simple as well as a reliable solution.

  • 12.5 mm scanning range

  • Very small plastic construction

  • Simple teach-in of the reference color

  • One color channel

  • Adjustable color tolerance

  • 1.5 kHz switching frequency

  • M12 connector

CRT 448

The flexible standard

This series with 3 color channels and the scan function for color gradients can be used flexibly in many areas of applications

  • 22 mm or 32 mm scanning range

  • Small plastic construction

  • Simple teach-in of three reference colors

  • Scan function for color gradients

  • Color tolerance separately adjustable per color channel

  • 500 Hz switching frequency

  • Configuration options

  • Turnable M12 connector

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