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R58 Expert Sensors

R58 Expert Sensors

R58 Registration Mark Sensors

3-color registration mark sensor for detecting even subtle differences

Registration mark sensors, also known as color contrast sensors, act as a color detector by identifying subtle color contrasts to inspect registration marks, using one, two or three color LEDs.


  • Outstanding color contrast sensitivity; detecting contrasts as low as 2% over a wide range of colors
  • Excellent performance in low-contrast or high-gloss applications
  • Ultra-fast 10 kHz switching frequency (10,000 actuations per second); 15 µs repeatability
  • Rugged, zinc alloy die-cast housing; rated IP67
  • High-quality acrylic lens suitable for food processing applications
  • Bipolar NPN/PNP with selectable light/dark operate (LO/DO)
  • Two lens locations on each sensor and vertical or horizontal light spot, depending on model


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