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3KF Switch Fuses up to 800 A

3KF Switch Fuses up to 800 A

3KF switch disconnectors with fuses, up to 800 A

3KF switch disconnectors with fuses protect against overload and short circuit as main control and EMERGENCY OFF switches of switchboards, power distribution boards, power supply and motor outgoing feeders. 3KF switch disconnectors with fuses are designed to switch the specified rated current on and off under load and provide an isolating function in all low-voltage circuits.
  • 3KF LV HRC series for standard applications and 3KF SITOR for protection of semiconductors
  • 3-pole and 4-pole versions in 5 different sizes (4-pole versions for 3KF LV HRC series only)
  • Supplied as a complete assembly including direct operating mechanism or as a basic unit without a handle
  • Direct operating mechanism with handle on switch disconnector
  • Door-coupling rotary operating mechanism for operation of switch disconnector outside the control cabinet door


  • Locking functions help to prevent unauthorized operation
  • Protection against inter-phase arcing
  • Compact design saves space
  • Wide variety of applications thanks to a range of different operating mechanism designs
  • Supplementary functions can be retrofitted
  • Various service positions are possible thanks to optimized heat dissipation
  • Test function to ensure safe commissioning
  • Comprehensive support through provision of CAx data
  • Protection against short circuit and overload
  • Handle either as direct operating mechanism or door-coupling rotary operating mechanism:

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