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Junction Boxes for Installer Connectors

Junction Boxes for Installer Connectors

Bringing Order to the Chaos, Even with Many Wires

Whether you are connecting a heating system or light distributions – things can get confusing wherever multiple cables meet. WAGO’s Junction Box helps you connect up to 60 conductors with WAGO’s 221 Series COMPACT Splicing Connector for all conductor types up to 4 mm2 (12 AWG). It creates a large-scale, fixed position of the clamping points on one level for both flush-mounted and surface-mounted cables. A total of 12 strain relief devices allow convenient and safe cable entry and fastening. The clearly visible labeling options of each terminal point ensure that you not only have an overview, but also maintain it. Real-world examples include quickly identifying the circuit while upgrading or troubleshooting, retrofitting the installation or correcting errors. Since the junction box can be freely positioned, a host of possible applications exists in a wide variety of worksites. The tool-free and maintenance-free connection technology of the 221 Series Splicing Connector ensures fast wiring, easy rewiring and a secure connection.

The Benefits for You:

  • Simple, quick and safe connection of up to 60 conductors
  • A clear, structured arrangement that’s secured on one level
  • Clearly visible labeling of each individual clamping unit

Did you know, we are an entrusted Siemens approved partner?