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WINSTA MINI - For Space-Restricted Applications

Compact and versatile: The WINSTA MINI family is ideal for pluggable electrical installations in space-restricted applications. Its compact design meets the trend toward miniaturization, as it is the case for lights or electronic ballasts.

The 890 and 891 Series WINSTA MINI pluggable connectors are ideal for fast electrical installation in space-restricted applications. Both compact design and plug-and-play functionality make them ideally suited for components such as sensors, actuators, lights and bus cables.

The product line includes 2- to 5-pole plugs and sockets, snap-in device connectors, as well as distribution connectors and cable assemblies. The pluggable connectors accommodate 0.25-1.5 mm (AWG 22-16) conductors and are rated up to 250 V and 16 A. The CAGE CLAMP S connection technology allows push-in termination of solid and ferruled conductors.

WINSTA MINI special is designed for specialty building installation applications: B-coded components in gray, pink and light green help reduce wiring errors for applications with many different circuits. For more information, see WINSTA MINI special.

Your benefits:

  • Insulated plugs and sockets for self-assembly
  • Pre-assembled connecting and interconnection cables
  • Maintenance-free components
  • CAGE CLAMP S for push-in termination of all types of solid and ferruled conductors
  • Degree of protection: IP20
  • Continuous operating temperature: -35degC to +85degC
  • Processing temperature: -5degC to 40degC
  • Large number of color and coding options

Did you know, we are an entrusted Siemens approved partner?