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STEP 7 (PLC Classic Software)

STEP 7 (PLC Classic Software)



On first name terms with the hardware

The new SIMATIC automation platform covers everything that you need for automation today: programmable logic controllers covering a wide range of performance, complete units, in which the operator panel is already included, PC-based control, external control and monitoring solutions and communication networks.

All of this under a single user interface, without any interface problems, as a fully integrated complete solution.

This removes barriers that have until now cost companies a lot of money: the barrier between PLC and the computer world, the barrier between process engineering and production technology – and even the barrier between standard software and automation software.

This brings us right to the topic. Because the basis of all these advantages is the software. And the foundation of this software system is STEP 7, of which there are two types: for users who only use a part of the SIMATIC automation platform as hardware (and therefore do not need the full spectrum) and for those who use the full range.

The following applies to all versions: they ensure that users are on familiar terms with their hardware!

Selection aid for STEP 7
STEP 7 Lite STEP 7 STEP 7 Professional
Target systems S7-300/C7 S7-300/S7-400/C7/WinAC
Modules digital, analog I/O, IFM only centrally digital, analog I/O, IFM, FM, CP centralized and distributed (DP)
Networking/communication No Time-controlled, cyclic data transmission between automation components;
MPI, PROFIBUS or Industrial Ethernet
Distributed I/O No Yes
Signal configuration (display via HMI) No Yes
Write to / read from MMC Yes, only in CPU Yes, in CPU and directly onto PG/PC
(update of the AS operating system possible)
Export/Import Program, symbols Program, symbols, hardware configuration
Documentation settings included Included;
DOCPRO option for standard-compliant documentation of the S7 project
Document projects in multiple languages Yes Yes
Multi-user engineering No Yes
and STL source
as STEP 7
additionally S7-GRAPH (step sequence) /S7-SCL (textual high-level language)
Structured/symbolic programming Yes/Yes Yes/Yes
Check/establish prog. consistency Yes/Yes Yes/Yes
Standard/user libraries Yes/No Yes/Yes
Online functions
Online access MPI MPI, PROFIBUS, option: Industrial Ethernet
Test functions Monitor, control, force Monitor, control, force, single step (debug)
Comparison function off/online Program, hardware configuration Program
Diagnostics System diagnostics System diagnostics, system error reporting, integrated process error diagnostics for S7-GRAPH
Option packages
Optional programming languages None S7-GRAPH, S7-SCL, CFC CFC
Options for simulation, documentation, diagnostics, and remote maintenance S7-PLCSIM, S7-Teleservice S7-PLCSIM, S7-DOCPRO, TeleService, S7-PDiag DOCPRO, TeleService, S7-PDiag
(S7-PLCSIM is included in the scope of supply)



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