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2D-code identification

2D-code identification

Stationary 2D-code readers

For stationary use - but still highly dynamic readers

Our code readers capture 1D- and 2D-codes without fail; depending on the type, printed to directly marked, omnidirectional, static or in fast motion, inverse or mirrored codes. Benefit from reference code comparison or the output of the code quality of printed codes. With us, you'll find the optimum solution: whether small and robust, extremely fast or fully equipped.

LSIS 220

Small, fast and very clever

The LSIS 220, with its optimized optics and resolution, offers large performance reserves for reliable code reading, even while in motion. It quickly and reliably detects bar codes, stacked codes and 2D-codes.

  • Improved optics for larger read field and in-focus detection all the way to the edge areas, optimized resolution of 844x640 pixels for fast code reading

  • Detection of 2D-codes, stacked codes and bar codes

  • RS 232 or USB interface

  • Switching input (trigger)

  • Trigger button for manual activation and configuration

  • Construction without mechanically moved parts, robust metal housing with glass window and degree of protection IP 65 make the devices very well suited for industrial use

  • Extremely small construction size, also for installation under difficult conditions

LSIS 422i

The best of two worlds

This device combines innovative camera technology and decades of know-how from 1D-code reading. It functions omnidirectionally, with fast motion and even with low contrast.

  • Optimized camera resolution of 752x480 pixels for fast identification, even of low-contrast codes

  • CMOS code reader for 1D- and 2D-codes with high resolution

  • External triggering

  • Multiple code reading

  • Omnidirectional reading

  • Motor-driven focus adjustment

  • Construction with integrated illumination for industrial use

  • Display for completed read operations

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