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Bar code identification

Bar code identification

Stationary bar code readers

Fast and exact solutions

Select the right line and raster scanner from various sizes, designs and performance levels. Scanning rates of up to 1000 scans/s, the smallest installation dimensions, robust housings and integrated heating for use in deep-freeze areas meet the individual requirements of your application.

BCL 300i

With code fragment technology

These modular, stationary bar code readers feature code fragment technology and numerous equipment features. Also unique is the modular connection technology

  • Integrated fieldbus connectivity (PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherNet, EtherNet/IP, TCP/IP, multiNet, RS 232/422/485) with Ethernet switch function (for linear topology)

  • Full CRT (code reconstruction technology) also detects heavily damaged or soiled codes

  • webConfig is a operating-system independent, browser-based configuration tool

  • High-quality optics with great depth of field and large opening angle

  • Compact housing design for problem-free placement directly at the conveyor line

  • Modular connector hood, terminal hood and terminal box and graphical display

  • All optics models are also available with optional heating


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