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RFID system - HF range

RFID system - HF range

Not all RFID systems are the same. SIMATIC RF from Siemens is an innovative series of systems with a multitude of benefits. Contactless data transmission is ideally suited for industrial conditions and guarantees reliable and cost-effective identification. Standardized system integration enables quick and easy deployment in any application.

SIMATIC RFID systems in the HF range

Siemens offers the following two RFID systems for the HF range:

  • SIMATIC RF200 – compact solutions for the mid-performance range:             
    This product line includes attractively priced readers that are ideal for applications in internal logistics or small-scale assembly lines.
    Readers with an IO-Link interface are available for particularly simple and open identification solutions.
  • SIMATIC RF300A high performance RFID system with separate transponders:      The RF300 is ideal for the most demanding requirements in terms of speed, data volume and diagnostics functionality. The high-performance RFID system can be operated with ISO 15693 transponders to meet average performance requirements.
  • SIMATIC RF1000 – for access control to machines and plants:             
    SIMATIC RF1000 readers provide an RFID-based solution which enables simple and versatile implementation of electronic authorization management. Existing employee ID provides the basis for identification.

Wide range of transponders

A wide range of different transponders is available using a variety of storage technologies and geometric designs. Their strength is not only their high level of data security but also the excellent high degree of protection against ambient conditions such as contamination, temperature fluctuations, washing water or shock load.



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