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RFID system - UHF range

RFID system - UHF range

With SIMATIC RF600, identification tasks are performed in the UHF range that demand a range of several meters. The system is suitable for storing and recording a unique identification according to the EPCglobal standard (Electronic Product Code) on products, containers or transport units. Storage of additional, freely-definable user data is also possible.

Various data carriers – from low-cost SmartLabels through to heat-resistant transponders that can be used for several thousand cycles – are available for industrial applications.

SIMATIC RF600 can be used with SIMATIC controllers, OPC UA clients, EtherNet/IP-based controllers and PC/IT systems. It can communicate data with cloud systems via an industrial IoT gateway.


SIMATIC RF600 has been specially developed for the requirements of industry. It enables economical and reliable use of RFID in production, materials management and logistics.

  • Cost savings and improvement in process quality through application of UHF RFID with maximum reliability in the industrial environment:
    • Application of a uniform RFID system throughout the entire production process and supplier chain as a result of inexpensive transponders and wide ranges (no technology gaps).
    • Maximum availability even in demanding radio communication applications such as those with high reader density, strongly reflecting metal environments, dynamic surroundings or confined space conditions.
    • Permanent RFID marking of products thanks to industry-grade transponders matched to the application requirements, e.g. heat-resistant, high degree of protection.
    • Wide transponder portfolio and customized versions for cost-optimized use.
  • Flexibility due to compact designs and remote antennas.
  • Safe and selective individual acquisition or bulk identification is possible.
  • High reading speed: Even fast-moving transponders are reliably detected.
  • Simplified engineering, commissioning, diagnostics and maintenance through seamless integration into Totally Integrated Automation (TIA):
    • Integrated bus connection to an automation system, such as SIMATIC, SIMOTION or SINUMERIK via communication modules with PROFIBUS and PROFINET.
    • Direct connection to IT systems via Ethernet and OPC UA.
    • Connection of third-party provider PLCs via EtherNet/IP and OPC UA.
    • Connection to cloud systems via an industrial IoT gateway such as RUGGEDCOM RX1400 with CloudConnect or MindConnect Nano.
    • Integrated processing logic allows data preprocessing in the reader and saves costs for external PCs, software modules, etc.
    • Simple S7 software integration via ready-to-use function blocks.
    • Extensive diagnostic functions.
  • High degree of investment protection thanks to:
    • Open standards EPCglobal Class 1 Gen 2 / ISO 18000-63 and ISO 18000-62 (formerly ISO 18000-6C and -6B).
    • Software compatibility between the RFID systems of Siemens.
    • Numerous standardized communication interfaces.
    • Openness through connection possibilities to various bus systems from different manufacturers and PC environments via communication modules.
  • Worldwide service and support.
    • Tried and tested in numerous customer projects.


SIMATIC RF685R reader on a conveyor belt

SIMATIC RF600 is designed for the contact-free identification of every kind of object, such as transport containers, pallets, and production goods. It is also intended for general use such as recording goods in bulk. As a rule, these applications are open loops in which passive SmartLabels on goods, products, bulk containers or transport units are used. In this case, the system distinguishes itself due to its high reading speeds, large data transmission rates and the fact that it can handle long reading distances.

In addition, the system is suitable for reading and writing reusable transponders that are used in closed loops.

Typical applications include:

  • Acquisition of deliveries in incoming/outgoing goods departments.
  • Identification of transport containers, barrels or containers at important stations in the process; creation of a “Container passport” for automatic creation of a usage history.
  • Control of material flow and production in multi-variant, order-related production.
  • Labeling of products under severe ambient conditions, e.g. dust, dirt, high temperatures.
  • Stock monitoring and usage monitoring of tools and devices.
  • Automation of warehouses and distribution centers with industrial trucks.


SIMATIC RF600 readers are available both in versions with integrated antennas (RF610R, RF615R, RF685R) as well as with options for connecting external antennas (RF615R, RF650R, RF680R, RF685R).

For quick and easy cabling, pre-assembled cables are available in various lengths.

Multicolored LEDs indicate the status of reader and transponder.

The high degree of protection of the readers (up to IP67) enable them to be used in harsh industrial environments.

The SIMATIC RF600 series of transponders are used as mobile data carriers.

Transponders suitable for a wide variety of different requirements can be selected from an extensive range: The transponders are attached to the object to be identified, e.g. by means of screws, adhesive or pre-assembled spacer.


Frequency bands

The frequency bands listed in the table constitute the operating ranges of our RF600 devices. The permitted frequency bands for the regions may differ or be wider.


Frequency band


ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute)

865 … 868 MHz


FCC (Federal Communications Commission)

902 … 928 MHz


CMIIT (China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology)

920 … 925 MHz


ARIB (Association of Radio Industries and Businesses)

916 … 920 MHz and

920 … 924 MHz



All of the SIMATIC RF600 readers are suitable for reliable reading and writing tasks in the UHF range and very long ranges up to 8 m.

The SIMATIC RF610R, RF615R, RF680R and RF685R readers are especially well-suited for use in production environments where a high protection class and integration into SIMATIC controllers are required. These readers also come with an extensive toolset for commissioning and diagnostics.

One special feature of the SIMATIC RF685R is the integrated adaptive antenna. Whether linear (horizontal/vertical), circular or automatic polarization, the integrated antenna of the RF685R achieves the best reading rates, even in difficult radio reception environments.

The compact SIMATIC RF610R and RF615R readers are offered for use in confined spaces, such as in conveyor systems. These new readers each have an internal, circular polarized antenna and ranges of up to 1 m. An external antenna can also be connected to the SIMATIC RF615R compact reader, which increases the range up to 4 m.

User-friendly function blocks simplify programming in Step 7 or the TIA Portal. Special functions are available in areas hostile to wireless communication encountered in production environments, such as reflections and dead zones resulting from metal or superimposed radio fields due to a high reader density.

In this manner, process stability is substantially increased by automatic adaptation of the transmit power and intelligent filtering of the reading results. The multi-stage filter concept ensures that, based on the wireless properties, the correct transponder within the RF field of the reader is always processed. The appropriate data storage medium is automatically selected on the basis of various indicators, such as the evaluation of the RSSI value (Received Signal Strength Indicator), the reading frequency, or the transmit power required.

Transponders that have already been processed can be stored in a “blacklist” in the reader and thus filtered out. Various mechanisms can be activated according to requirements.

All SIMATIC RF600 readers can be set up and diagnosed using a web browser. For the SIMATIC RF610R, RF615R, RF680R and RF685R readers, commissioning and diagnostics in the TIA Portal is also possible.

The SIMATIC RF650R reader is used mainly in logistics applications where a high protection class and SIMATIC integration are of lesser importance. With its four external antenna connections, as many as four individual reading stations or large gate applications can be implemented. The integrated processing logic allows comprehensive filter functions and control of the digital inputs/outputs in the reader itself. Configuration, commissioning and diagnostics are easily possible by means of a web browser, without the need for installing additional software.

The SIMATIC RF600 readers support OPC UA as an interface to the IIoT world and communicate using the data model of the OPC UA AutoID Companion Specification V1.0. Especially in the context of the Siemens solution portfolio for Industrie 4.0 and digitalization, this interface plays a key role in networking sensors, automation systems and IT systems. As standard, the OPC UA interface enables vendor-independent communication within automation systems and a standardized connection of the SIMATIC RF600 readers to cloud applications such as the open, cloud-based MindSphere IoT operating system via an industrial IoT gateway such as RUGGEDCOM RX1400 with CloudConnect or MindConnect Nano. This opens up exciting new possibilities for using current production data and enables worldwide availability of KPIs.

External sensor technology (e.g. light barriers or motion detectors) and indicator lamps or acoustic signaling elements are integrated by means of the digital inputs and outputs.


A wide range of communication modules, function blocks, as well as high-performance drivers and function libraries enable easy and quick integration into user applications.

The SIMATIC RF610R, RF615R, RF650R, RF680R and RF685R devices can be integrated in PC/IT environments using a simple XML protocol or via OPC UA. Programming examples are available for this purpose.

Because the SIMATIC RF610R, RF615R, RF680R and RF685R readers are part of Totally Integrated Automation (TIA), connection to automation systems such as SIMATIC S7 is easy via plug-and-play. The device information and easy-to-operate identification profile function blocks are included as standard features in TIA Portal V14 and higher (RF650R, RF680R, RF685) or V15.1 and higher (RF610R, RF615R).

SIMATIC Ident Configuration Guide

Here is a compact configuration tool for setting up RFID systems:

Technical specifications

RFID system


Transmission frequency

865 … 868 MHz (ETSI)
902 … 928 MHz (FCC)
920 … 925 MHz (CMIIT)
916 … 920 MHz and 920 … 924 MHz (ARIB)


Max. 8 m

Protocol (air interface)

  • EPCglobal Class 1 Gen 2
  • ISO 18000-62
  • ISO 18000-63


  • ETSI EN 302208, CE
  • FCC
  • UL

Memory capacity

Max. 496 bits EPC, 3 424-byte user memory

Data transfer rate for wireless transmission

Max. 300 kbps

Multitag/Bulk capability


Special features

  • SIMATIC or PC/IT integration
  • Configurable data processing in the readers
  • Special antennas for industrial applications
  • Powerful diagnostics functions



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