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Remote Management- eWON Netbiter

Remote Management- eWON Netbiter

Netbiter Remote Management — Access your field equipment online

Optimize the operational efficiency of your assets.

How can you make sure that your remote machinery is operational without expensive and time-consuming service trips?

With Netbiter, you can track performance, get alarms if something is wrong, and even program your equipment from anywhere.


The results

Substantially reduced costs for service and better control of your equipment —  from day one.

Product Manager Anders Stålheden explains how Netbiter works.

Connect a Netbiter gateway to your equipment in the field. Monitor and control it online.

See how easy Netbiter is — Get your equipment online in minutes!

Step 1:

Connect a Netbiter gateway to your device

A Netbiter communication gateway connects to your equipment in the field. The gateway sends data via the mobile phone network or Ethernet to the Netbiter Argos data center in the cloud. All data is encrypted.


Take a look at the Netbiter communication gateways


Secure data storage in the cloud

The Netbiter Argos data center is a secure, cloud-based hosting service where all your data is stored and accessed. Once you have connected your gateway, you then create your account by logging into Argos on

EC300er Serie

Step 2

Select the Netbiter service that suits your requirements

Netbiter Argos is packaged in two different services that meet different user requirements. Select the Netbiter Argos Service that best suits your and your customers’ needs.

    Monitor and control equipment via online dashboards, trend graphs, and alarms for one user and one site. The View and Control service package is included with the purchase of your Netbiter Gateway.
    Includes all the View and Control features but offers much more. Manage several sites, equipment and users. Take advantage of the easy and fast deployment features or even integrate data into your own systems or cloud platforms using the Netbiter API (e.g ThingWorx). Manage and Analyze is a paid subscription service.

Want to know more? Compare the Netbiter services


Step 3

Create your dashboards and start managing your site

Once your equipment is connected and switched on, it will automatically start to send data to Netbiter Argos. From here, you can build graphical dashboards which present data from the Netbiter gateways in the field in a visual way. Add images such as analog and digital graphical components (gauges, meters, indicators, etc.) to display a visual layout that is easy to understand.

  • Visualize your system in a clear and simple way
  • Drag and drop live parameters into your graphical display
  • Configure alarms when certain thresholds are met.. an much more

See what you can do in Netbiter Argos

Netbiter Argos water-wastewater management Netbiter Argos UPS dashboard Netbiter Argos Tank Monitoring
 Netbiter Argos Custom API Dashboard Netbiter Argos Dashboard Genset AMF Netbiter Argos Energy Consumption
Netbiter Argos Telecom BTS monitoring Netbiter Argos Gas Extraction Dashboard Netbiter Argos Genset Control Panel

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