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Ewon Routers

Flexible industrial routers to ensure connectivity

Choosing your Ewon Router is the first step of your project towards a connected machine. Discover the different versions of our routers and access your machines remotely with Talk2M. Our routers do not compromise on security. Both Flexy and Cosy meet the strictest industry standards and are certified worldwide. Ewon routers are DIN rail mountable and require only a 12-volt power supply to operate.

Ewon Routers

Scalable, free and highly secure industrial cloud

Connectivity knows no boundaries, and neither does our cloud. Discover Talk2M, the first industrial connectivity cloud and its redundant infrastructure available worldwide. By combining Ewon Routers with Talk2M, offer your customers remote connectivity services such as the supervision of your equipment through IP cameras or the update of your PLC and HMI. Not to mention the creation of new value-adding services thanks to the data acquisition capabilities of our IIoT Gateways.

Ewon Routers

Easy-to-use software to support all your IIoT projects

Talk2M, Ewon industrial connectivity cloud, includes a series of powerful clients. These allow you not only to connect remotely and securely to your equipment, but also to offer your customers a set of high value-adding services: alarm management, reporting, access via API for integration with third-party solutions, brandable customer portal, network pre-configuration with Connection Checker, …

Industrial Routers meeting all your connectivity and data collection needs

HMS_web-icon_On-demand remote access

On-Demand Remote Connectivity

All of our products provide PLC remote access for monitoring and troubleshooting purposes. Through our on-demand remote access service, you can download PLC programs, access your HMI, and even trigger notifications when something goes wrong.

Our award-winning Cosy router offers a wide range of connectivity. Choose the one that best suits your situation and connect to your machine via Talk2M, our industrial cloud. No matter where your machine is installed, remotely access your devices through mobile or desktop versions of eCatcher, our VPN client.

HMS_web-icon_Local data collection and dashboards

On-premise Data Monitoring

In addition to all the on-demand remote access features, Ewon Flexy routers add data collection capabilities. Machine builders use this data for making simple trend analyses, triggering alarms from tag data, building local dashboards. No matter what tools you use, your data never leaves your company infrastructure. Discover how Flexy can help you improve the performance of your plant.

You can also enable the Flexy as an OPC UA server, allowing you to provide connectivity with factory business intelligence, MES, or ERP systems. Our devices are used, with great results, by many of our customers for factory floor modernization projects.

HMS_web-icon_Central data collection through the cloud

Data Collection for IoT Applications

Willing to remotely evaluate the performances of your machine or production tool? Willing to improve your overall equipment efficiency? Then you will need aggregate data. And not only aggregate data, but also tools that will help you convert the raw pieces of information into valuable insights.

The combination between the Flexy router and Talk2M is your best ally. Our router embeds a series of connectivity features and can, depending on your needs, connect securely to Talk2M, our secure industrial cloud, or any Private or Public Cloud of your choice. The requests from the Flexy routers are executed via the MQTT or HTTPS protocols, standards widely spread in both the IT and automation industries.

Find the industrial router that fits your needs for easy remote access and data services: LAN, Ethernet, WiFi, 4G, etc.

Discover Industrial Remote Solutions

Remote Access - eWON Cosy 131
Remote Access - eWON Cosy 131
Remote Data - eWON Flexy
Remote Data - eWON Flexy
Remote Management- eWON Netbiter
Remote Management- eWON Netbiter

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