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Managed Switches Layer 2

Managed Switches Layer 2


The managed switches of the SCALANCE X-200 product range are very well suited for the setup of linear, star and ring structures (10/100 Mbps). They offer high-speed redundancy in the ring for electrical or optical lines and can be easily replaced thanks to the C-PLUG exchangeable medium in case of error.

Their compact design is available with different port characteristics from device variants with up to 24 electrical ports and optical ports (BFOC / ST) for distances up to 26 km.

SCALANCE X-200 with different port versions

SCALANCE X-200FM (Fiber Monitoring) for line diagnostics of optical switch ports

SCALANCE XB-200: space-saving and simple with PROFINET and Ethernet/IP

SCALANCE XF-200 as flat as the ET 200S with easily accessible cable outlet

SCALANCE X-200RNA for seamless redundant network structures with PRP and HSR redundancy protocols


High degree of functionality and flexibility with managed SCALANCE X-300 switches: Different media modules for equipping the 19" rack versions expand your powerful plant networks with Gigabit Ethernet.

And that includes power plants or plants subject to extreme environmental conditions.

With the MM992-2VD media module (variable distance), which is inserted into a modular SCALANCE X-300 switch or SCALANCE S627-2M security module, any type of two-wire cable can be used for Ethernet connections up to 1000 meters, for example, ground cables, cables through fire barriers or along pipelines that can only be replaced with great difficulty. Or it can be used to establish a PROFINET connection up to 300 meters in length.

SCALANCE X-300/XR-300 as modular 19" rack version or in compact design

SCALANCE X-300PoE/XR-300PoE for data and energy via one line with Power-over-Ethernet

SCALANCE X-300EEC/XR-300EEC specially for power plants or plants subject to extreme environmental conditions

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