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Condition Monitoring Systems

Condition Monitoring Systems

Condition Monitoring Systems

Intelligent maintenance ensures sustainable investment

Permanent monitoring of machine and plant states

High system availability is the most effective lever for increasing productivity. The less downtime, the better. This is why it is important to identify potential sources of error early and to perform scheduled maintenance at the right time within the production cycle.

Our SIPLUS CMS Condition Monitoring Systems are ideal for monitoring mechanical components. You have all your machines and the entire system constantly in view. This facilitates predictive maintenance, allowing you to plan and implement maintenance operations in due time.

After prolonged operating periods without interruptions, significant irregularities resulting from wear or other damage-related causes can be detected early on with the help of documented trend histories.

Foreseeable problems can be corrected at an early stage - before resulting in major damage or even total failure, with the often costly consequences.

Energy efficiency - through predictive maintenance

Mechanical wear, imbalances, defective bearings and other damage scenarious can cause machinery to increase its energy consumption. SIPLUS CMS facilitates the early detection of such deficiencies which are then  signaled via the SIMATIC Maintenance Station, for example. This allows appropriate maintenance measures to be taken to ensure restoration of the system's scheduled energy efficiency levels.

SIPLUS CMS1000 - The compact and simple solution

SIPLUS CMS1000 offers a simple approach -  with no expert knowledge required.

  • Characteristic value based monitoring:

    • RMS (machine vibration)

    • DKW (bearing monitoring)

  • Traffic light display of machine status

SIPLUS CMS2000 - The modular and configurable solution

SIPLUS CMS2000 is an easy to configure,  Web-based system.

  • Detailed damage detection using  frequency-selective diagnostics

  • Raw data recording and ouput  to SIPLUS CMS X-Tools

  • Trend recording and analysis

  • Monitoring of process variables

  • Modularly expandable with VIB-MUX and temperature modules

  • Otherwise, same functionality as SIPLUS CMS1000

Did you know, we are an entrusted Siemens approved partner?