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Energy Monitoring Devices

Energy Monitoring Devices

7KT PAC Measuring Devices

7KT PAC1500 measuring devices are used to measure the power consumption in 3-phase systems, e.g. in industrial plants, offices and apartments in apartment houses.

Cost pressures are growing, particularly in industry. Product operating times are reduced and manufacturing facilities must be retrofitted more frequently. The load levels of the distribution boards during operation are therefore constantly under observation in order to avoid peak loads in a timely manner or to perform retrofitting.

The versions can be used for consumption analysis and minimization of operating costs in industrial plants and office buildings. The device versions with LAN interfaces allow a readout to be performed easily using an existing LAN network.

The devices indicate 6 measured values on an LCD display: Active energy rate 1 and rate 2, reactive energy rate 1 and rate 2, active power and reactive power. This means that the current load of a distribution board can be read out.


  • As well as consumption, the devices indicate the instantaneous power, thus providing an overview of plant capacity utilization at all times and saving additional measuring devices into the bargain.
  • Suitable for an almost unlimited range of applications: 7KT PAC1500 measuring devices for direct connection, 63 A for small plants and up to 5000 A with transformer for large plants.

7KT PAC1200 Measuring Devices

The 7KT PAC1200 multichannel current measuring system is a low-cost solution for the transparent representation of energy consumption. The current values themselves are measured by means of sensors that are fitted above the miniature circuit breakers. The simple cost center allocation enables maximum transparency over the entire application.


The 7KT PAC1200 multichannel current measuring system monitors and displays the energy consumption of up to 96 outgoing feeders. A maximum of eight times twelve sensor bars can be configured, always eight bars with the respective combination. Up to eight different, selectable consumption sources can be compared with each other. The system can be scaled to individual needs and application scenarios. The individual sensors can be named individually and compared with each other. The system can be configured flexibly as the number of sensor bars can be varied.

Consumption statistics

The statistics shows the overall consumption of selected sensors. The consumption can be shown both in euros and in kWh. The results can be displayed in the form of a pie chart or a bar chart, depending on selection. The periods that can be selected are as follows:
  • Days
  • Weeks
  • Months
  • Years

Both the overall consumption and the individual consumption of a sensor can be displayed.

It is also possible to generate a history so that any deviations can be investigated. To do this, select a date using the button below the chart.


  • Measurement of individual feeders - thus direct comparison of consumers
  • Detection of current peaks - thus avoidance of high energy costs
  • Web server and app representation - thus plug-and-play visualization of measured values and consumption values
  • Scalability - thus number of measuring points can be adjusted to size of the power distribution system
  • 1 GB internal memory - thus long-time data recording over one year possible

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