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3TK28 Safety Relays

3TK28 Safety Relays

SIRIUS 3TK2810 safety relays provide the following safety-related functions:

  • Monitoring actuators for speed
  • Monitoring actuators for standstill

They satisfy the most stringent requirements (PL e) of EN ISO 13849-1 and achieve the highest Safety Integrity Level (SIL 3) according to IEC 61508.

Product phase-out/discontinuation of SIRIUS 3TK282, 3TK283, 3TK284 and 3TK285 safety relays

3TK282, 3TK283, 3TK284 and 3TK285 safety relays will no longer be available for ordering as from October 1, 2018. Exception: 3TK2810! Order the successor generation of safety relays, SIRIUS 3SK!

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For 3SK successor devices, see “SIRIUS 3SK Safety Relays”.

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