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Flexible implementation of simple safety requirements with 3SK

SIRIUS 3SK safety relays are the key elements of a consistent, cost-effective safety chain. Whether you need EMERGENCY STOP functionality, protective door monitoring, light arrays, laser scanners or the protection of presses or punches – slimline SIRIUS safety relays enable all safety applications to be implemented in the best possible way in terms of engineering and price. SIRIUS 3SK safety relays are approved for applications up to SIL 3 (IEC 61508/IEC 62061) or PL e (EN ISO 13849-1). SIRIUS 3SK safety relays stand out due to their flexibility for both parameterization and system designs with several evaluation units. This reduces device variance, thus bringing advantages in terms of device selection and spare parts management. Optimized solutions when selecting components and reduced spare part inventory requirements are facilitated by a clearly structured component range: To meet different requirements, the 3SK1 safety relays are available as a Standard and Advanced basic unit range, as well as the 3SK2 safety relay. The devices can be used for stand-alone solutions and for integrated solutions. The 3SK portfolio offers solutions ranging from simple EMERGENCY STOP to demanding safety functions with the 3SK2 devices, which can be parameterized using software. These solutions also open up the possibility of connecting the 3SK2 to the automation level using an optional PROFINET interface. In the case of 3SK1 Advanced basic units or 3SK2 basic units, the 3ZY12 device connectors allow safety functions involving several sensors and actuators to be constructed very quickly.

Fulfill special functions with 3TK2810

The standstill monitor increases safety in hazardous areas and can detect motor stoppage without a sensor.

The speed monitor combines two safety functions in one unit by continuously monitoring machines and plants for standstill and speed.

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3SK Safety Relays
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