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Servo drive system for extra low voltage


SIMATIC MICRO-DRIVE is the new servo drive system in the safety extra-low voltage range. Composed of the SIMATIC MICRO-DRIVE and flexibly usable motors and connecting cables of selected product partners, expands the SIEMENS product portfolio for extra low voltage. Compatible controllers from the SIMATIC portfolios optimally complement the motion control functionalities of this future-proof solution.

Versatile. Seamless. Safety Integrated.

SIMATIC MICRO-DRIVE is an extremely versatile, seamless and safety-related servo drive system that covers a wide range of applications in the protective extra-low voltage range.


  • Flexible system components that can be combined
  • Wide range of certificates (UL, CE, etc.) for global system use
  • The servo drive system can be simply commissioned as a result of the IQ encoder technology
  • PDC braking chopper can be deactivated, allowing energy recovery for battery operation
  • Planning and direct transfer of all operating modes to the SIMATIC control system so that data can be sent to Cloud platforms via MindConnect


  • For motor power ratings from 100 up to 1000 Watts
  • Motor supply voltage in the protective extra-low voltage range from 24 to 48 V DC
  • Operates perfectly with SIMATIC controllers
  • Fast and secure communication via PROFINET IRT with PROFIdrive and PROFIsafe profiles
  • Seamless range of tools based on Totally Integrated Automation (TIA)– from selection and dimensioning using the TIA Selection Tool up to commissioning and service in the TIA Portal

Safety Integrated

  • Higher-level, standard safety concepts can be drawn up with maximum safety for personnel as well as for machines
  • PDC: Safety Integrated functions STO, SS1, SLT, SLS, SSM
  • PDC: New SLT function (Safely Limited Torque): Safely Limited Torque monitors the motor current and motor torque in operation
  • F-TM ServoDrive: STO hardwired with brake chopper
  • All Safety Integrated functions are simply commissioned using the TIA Portal and control using a SIMATIC controller via PROFIsafe



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