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Three phase monitoring

Three phase monitoring

Three Phase Monitor Relays

The highly sophisticated CM-S/N range in ABB's new S-line housing offers two different types of connection terminals and is ideally suited for universal use. Double-chamber cage connection terminals make it possible to connect fires up to 2 x 2.5 mm2 (2 x 14 AWG), rigid or fine-strand, with or without ferrules. Potential distribution does not require additional terminals. Easy connect technology Innovative push-in connection terminals for tool-free installation. The connection is gas-proof and has the same direction as the double-chamber cage connection terminals.

Only reliable and continuous monitoring of a three-phase network guarantees the trouble-free and economic operation of machines and installations. Thus the important parameters of three-phase systems are:

  • Phase voltages
  • Phase sequence
  • Phase unbalance
  • Phase loss
  • Frequency

Depending on the device additional features and functions are available, as:

  • Automatic phase sequence correction
  • Neutral Monitoring
  • Open or closed circuit operation principle
  • Latching function
  • Start up delay
  • Tripping delay
  • Restart delay

The most multifunctional devices in the EPR assortment are the CM-MPS/N monitoring relays for rated voltage levels up to 820 V AC and 400 Hz. Additionally a variety of economic and

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