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Timer Relays

Timer Relays

Time Relays

For many years, ABB's CT range of electronic timers has been used in applications worldwide and has proven its excellent functionality in daily use even under the toughest conditions. Three ranges of electronic timers provide timing functions for all applications.


The CT-D range with MDRC design (modular DIN rail components) in a housing with a width of only 17.5 mm fits into all domestic installation and distribution panels.


The CT-E range offers an excellent price/performance ratio and is an ideal solution for serial applications.


The highly sophisticated CT-S range in ABB's new S-range housing offers two different types of connection terminals and is ideally suited for universal use.

Double-chamber cage connection terminals

Double-chamber cage connection terminals make it possible to connect wires up to 2 x 2.5 mm² (2 x 14 AWG), rigid or fine-strand, with or without ferrules. Potential distribution does not require additional terminals.

Easy Connect Technology

Innovative push-in connection terminals for tool-free installation. The connection is gas-proof and has the same direction as the double-chamber cage connection terminals.


The CT-S range offers the possibility of using accessories such as a remote potentiometer to adjust the time delay or a sealable, transparent cover to protect against unauthorized changes in time and threshold values

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