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Safe hinge switch PSENhinge

Safe hinge switch PSENhinge

Safe hinge switches PSENhinge offer a safe, complete solution for guards, comprising a hinge and a safety switch. PSENhinge are suitable for rotatable and hinged gates as well as flaps. Users benefit from high plant availability because PSENhinge are manipulation-proof, as they are concealed within the safeguards. PSENhinge provide IP67 protection, so they are also ideally suitable for hygiene-critical areas.

Safe hinge switches PSENhinge

 Safe hinge switches PSENhinge offer a high level of flexibility in installation, connection and adjustment. They allow systems to be attached to the right and left.

Accessories for safe hinge switches PSENhinge

 Perfectly compatible with PSENhinge. Cable, multiple interfaces PDP67, isolating switch, change kits etc.


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