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Safe rope pull switch PSENrope

Safe rope pull switch PSENrope

Whether on the assembly line or machine - where safety in the production area is concerned, safe rope pull switches PSENrope are a proven, reliable solution.

PSENrope switch off functional processes through manual operation. PSENrope provide maximum safety when it matters: the E-STOP function can be triggered at any point along the rope.

Safe rope pull switches PSENrope

 Safe rope pull switches PSENrope are flexible to use, easy to install and simple to operate. Whether it's a first-time installation or upgrade: sophisticated details simplify installation.

Accessories, safe rope pull switches

 Perfectly compatible with PSENrope: Block rope pulleys, ropes, guide rollers, tension springs, multiple interfaces PDP67 etc.


Did you know, we are an entrusted Siemens approved partner?