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3VA Molded Case Circuit Breakers

3VA Molded Case Circuit Breakers

3VA molded case circuit breakers

With their compact design, the 3VA molded case circuit breakers save space in switching systems, control cabinets, and distribution boards. The standardized collection of accessories, consisting of more than 500 individual parts, allows the 3VA to be modularly and flexibly used. Built-in metering functions detect energy values and system states for greater transparency and system availability. The online product configurator conveniently supports the compilation of components and functions. All product information and engineering data are available for download on the Internet.

3VA1 molded case circuit breakers

  • For all standard requirements for line protection
  • Rated current up to 160 A
  • Smallest Siemens molded case circuit breaker up to 70 kA
  • Usable in rotary, alternating, and direct current systems

3VA2 molded case circuit breakers

  • Suitable for higher technical requirements
  • Rated current up to 630 A
  • Switching capacity of up to 150 kA through current-limiting contact system
  • Integrated metering function in different versions of the ETU

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