Switch Disconnectors

Sentron Switch Disconnectors

End-to-end safety for user and systems

Assembly or maintenance: work on electrical installations and devices must be made sufficiently safe to prevent accidents or harm. The safety of the operating personnel is paramount.

To ensure this, it is necessary to be able to disconnect the installation safely from the power supply. Siemens switch disconnectors permit permanent switch-on and switch-off under a load and thus protect the user from electric shock. They also prevent unauthorized switching on of machines.

The devices are simply mounted and quickly commissioned. Additional functions can be retrofitted at any time – thanks to the modular design of the devices and a comprehensive range of accessories.

Convenient ordering processes and fast delivery optimize stock management and reduce the time and money expended. You can also make use of our CAx data for automated, simplified planning and configuring.

Discover Switch Disconnectors

3LD Main & E-STOP Switch (250A)
3LD Main & E-STOP Switch (250A)
3KD Switch Disconnectors (1600A)
3KD Switch Disconnectors (1600A)

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