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Industrial Wireless

Industrial Wireless

Siemens Scalance Industrial Wireless LAN (IWLAN) technology provides an extension to the IEEE 802. 11n standard that is particularly suited to demanding industrial applications with real-time and redundancy requirements. This provides customers with a unique wireless network, both for process-critical data and for uncritical communication. SCALANCE W products distinguish themselves by the reliability of their radio channel and the rugged type of construction with high requirements with respect to mechanical durability for which SIMATIC is known. To protect against unauthorized access, the products have modern standard mechanisms for user identification (authentication) and data encryption, and can at the same time be easily integrated into existing security concepts.

Wireless infrastructure

Instead of copper cables and fiber-optic cables, wireless transmission techniques use radio waves. The propagation characteristics of the electromagnetic waves can differ considerably and depend on the spatial environment with the installed wireless infrastructure.

SCALANCE W modules use techniques such as MU-MIMO, high-quality receivers, and fault-tolerant modulation procedures to improve signal quality and thus prevent interruption of wireless communication. Extensions to the IEEE 802.11 standard also permit reliable, wireless transmission from PROFINET and form the basis for wireless safety applications or the transmission of video data with extremely short response and update times.

Gateways with IWLAN

Mobile end devices, for example, allow a continuous information flow from the management level down to the production level.

The IE/PB Link PN IO with SCALANCE W client modules (e.g. W722) is available for wireless-based connection of PROFIBUS devices.

This means that information can be provided quickly, reliably and easily at the right place and at the right time by wireless.

Ruggedness and industrial suitability

The SCALANCE W products can be exposed to fluctuations in the extended temperature range, or to continuous contact with dust and water. Rugged enclosure and mechanical protection against shock and vibration allow use in harsh industrial environments.

EEC (Enhanced Environmental Conditions) series devices are also specially strengthened (coated printed circuit boards resist condensation, increased temperature range) and can also be used in railway applications. Accessories such as antennas, power supply units and cabling are also part of this concept and are suitable for use in industry.

Power and data are transferred over one cable with Power-over-Ethernet (PoE), saving investment and maintenance costs.

The C-plug removable data storage medium stores project engineering and configuration data, making it possible to replace devices quickly and without specially trained personnel. This minimizes downtimes and saves training costs. This function is assumed by the CLP for the W-1700 with 802.11ac Wave 2 standard.

In addition to the functions of the C-plug, the KEY-PLUG removable data storage medium also allows special industrial supplementary functions, known as iFeatures, to be enabled on the SCALANCE W78x/W74x and W77x/W73x.

Reliability and deterministic response of data communication

The iPRP industrial supplementary function facilitates redundant communication over two IWLAN links, even with moving applications. Any disruptions in one radio link are compensated for by parallel transmission via a second link.

In standard WLAN, access by all nodes to the wireless channel is uncoordinated. This means that access by nodes with critical data cannot be predicted.

The iPCF function (supported by device types with iFeatures) permits cyclic data traffic in real time for multiple wireless connection PROFINET devices. In addition, this allows mobile nodes to be transferred quickly from one wireless field to another (roaming) so that PROFINET communication is not interrupted.

High data transmission rates

The SIEMENS IWLAN portfolio undergoes continuous upgrading to the latest standards. Currently, data rates of up to 1 733 Mbps can be achieved with SCALANCE W-1700 and the 802.11ac Wave 2 standard. This is made possible by various technical optimizations:

  • Utilization of more than one channel (channel bonding)
  • Utilization of multiple communication paths (up to 4×4 spatial streams, MU-MIMO, MIMO)
  • Higher modulation levels up to 256 QAM mean more information can be relayed for each transmitted status.

Increased IWLAN data rate with the help of channel bonding


  • High level of investment protection, as all products comply with the universally recognized IEEE 802.11 standard and are suitable for 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz
  • No wear and tear – saves maintenance and repair costs for connectors, trailing cables, sliding contacts or winding devices
  • Predictable data traffic (deterministic response) and defined response times on the wireless link
  • Wireless transmission of standard and fail-safe signals with PROFINET and PROFIsafe
  • Low-cost installation in hazardous areas of Zone 2
  • High data rates of up to 1 733 Mbps for applications requiring high bandwidths (e.g. video transmission) and high network user density
  • Expansion of certain SCALANCE W products with special industrial functions via KEY-PLUG or CLP is possible
  • Simple device replacement in fault scenario thanks to KEY-PLUGs/C-plugs/CLPs for SCALANCE W-700 or CLP for SCALANCE W-1700

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