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Hinge switch

Hinge switch


3SE5 hinge switches have the same enclosures as the 3SE5 position switches (modular system).

Enclosure sizes

The 3SE5 hinge switches are available as complete units in two enclosure sizes:

  • Plastic enclosures according to EN 50047, 31 mm wide, IP65, 1 cable entry

  • Metal enclosure according to EN 50047, 31 mm wide, IP66/IP67, 1 cable entry

  • Plastic and metal enclosures according to EN 50041, 40 mm wide, IP66/IP67, 1 cable entry

Enclosure versions

Various basic versions can be selected for the enclosures:

  • Available with two or three-pole switching elements designed as snap-action contacts

  • Metal enclosures for explosion protection (ATEX) (see position switch 3SE5 for explosion protection)

  • AS-Interface version with integrated ASIsafe electronics for all enclosure designs (see 3SF1 safety switch for AS-Interface)

For a description of the basic switches see 3SE5 Position Switches.

Operating mechanism

The hinge switches are provided for mounting on hinges. The actuator head is included in the scope of supply. There are two versions:

  • Operating mechanism with hollow shaft, inner diameter 8 mm, outer 12 mm

  • Operating mechanism with solid shaft, diameter 10 mm

3SE2 283 hinge switches

The 3SE2 283 hinge switches with integrated hinge are available in a special design. They are particularly suitable for use in machine doors and flaps

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